Geolocation apps and the future of email

Social media IS changing the way we work – and it’s not over yet… Gareth found this video from the Next Web team…

How mobile media changes the way we work..


Hear what Lawrence Coburn from DoubleDutch has to say about it all and how we will be moving away from email and onto social objects to enable us to truly connect with people.

There are some amazing opportunities for social commerce too and mobile apps too who use the geosocial network.  Imagine knowing exactly where your customers are – right now.  How powerful would that be…

Perhaps we really are moving towards to death of email..

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One thought on “Geolocation apps and the future of email

  1. John Reiber

    I don’t believe email will ever go away especially when we are talking about business communications. They just need to come up with a solution to spam and junk mail. I recently found a company called InviteRite who is getting ready to launch a gated email system which eliminated spam and junk mail 100%.

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