The @jonhoneyball spark that creates the entrepreneur

I loved Davids post about becoming an entrepreneur.  I remember vividly the exact moment in time when I made that decision.  I’d been notified that I’d been made redundant from my job at Microsoft.  I really loved the job and couldn’t envisage working anywhere else.  The realisation hit me hard.

For a couple of days, I wandered round in a daze, fielding phone calls from friends and colleagues, all asking the same thing.  ‘What are you going to do next?’

I had no idea.  And then I had the epiphany.

Well actually I didn’t have the epiphany at all.  I wasn’t thinking about my own future.  My mind was in a daze, full of nothing.  i was marking time until something came up.  But my great friend Jon Honeyball, gave me the germ of an idea over a glass of wine one evening.

‘Why don’t you go and work for yourself’ he said.  You really ‘get’ social media from an enterprise point of view…. And you still know what you’re talking about technically… And you do ever so much for Women in IT… Go and do it!

That was it.  He went through all of my objections, worries and fears about going it alone.  Since I left school, I’ve always been employed by large companies.  I’d never for one moment considered running my own business.  And there it was in front of me..

The seed had been planted in my head.  And it didn’t take very long at all to grow into a structured idea, plan and mission.  And here I am

So I totally identify with the concepts in this video.  It all rang very true with me.  Have a listen.  it’s under 4 minutes long:

Becoming an entrepreneur

I particularly liked the quote in the video about passion.  Gaetan is right on the button here. If you’re not passionate about what you do – especially in IT where things are changing rapidly then that won’t be enough.  You’ll struggle out there on your own. You need a good social network of customers, colleagues and friends – and you need to keep the relationship fresh.

The single thing that I pick up whenever i talk to entrepreneurs in the IT field is the total passion and enthusiasm that they show for their jobs.  Far more than anything I’ve ever seen in the workplace, where policies, procedures, process and politics can often stifle the agility of a business

So if you’ve had the epiphany and believe you have what it takes to start out on your own – all you need to do is take the first step.  That’s the hardest one.  And you’ll find that there’s a huge difference between an entrepreneur and an employee – and if you take the risk – then the benefits are really good indeed.  And I have Jon to thank for that… Smile

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