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Can you ever make your boss happy?

(Why are some of you yelling NO!?? Smile)


I came across this article which talks about what your boss won’t tell you.  There are some interesting points there.  Speaking up – not being a wallflower, and taking responsibility for your own actions.

I have a couple more based on my years of managing teams and individuals:

  • It’s not personal. Sometimes it’s just a business decision.  Its not always that your boss hates you or your work.  Often it’s just a decision based on finances or strategy.  Try not to let it get you down.
  • Bring me solutions not problems.  Often managers don’t have the time to work out issues.  They have other employees to look after.  Bring them a workable option and they are much more likely to say yes
  • It’s not about being visible.  Don’t stay late at work, just to be seen.  It ruins your work life balance and impacts on your leisure time.  Great managers respect this.  If they don’t then it’s time to speak out about your workload.
  • Tell me early when there’s a problem.  I will listen.  Don’t let a problem escalate into a major crisis
  • Praise costs nothing.  Neither do apologies.  Do both.  Freely

These are the guidelines that I’ve tried to stick with when working in a leadership role.  Hopefully your manager exhibits the same qualities.  Find another manager if they don’t…

… Or you could always come and work for me… Open-mouthed smile

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