Can social media stop gender bias?

An interesting video from TED where Johanna Blakely talks about social media changing gender bias

Johanna talks about how the distorted mirror of the media and old school demographics come up with really restrictive labels to describe us.  Therefore we assume things based on these demographics.

Social media has changed things.  Although participants in social media belong to the same demographics, we can now connect with folks based on our own interests – we don’t need a media company to feed us these connections.  Because we freely share what we do, what we like on social media sites, now our choices are respected and looked at carefully.  We’re not segregated by age or income. Now, our likes are studied carefully.

And its interesting to hear that women are driving this social media revolution, spending more time using these tools than their male counterparts and using more tools than their male counterparts.  Social media is dominating traditional media and women are dominating the social media arena.  Therefore women have choice here.

So if you want to truly understand this market its really important to understand what is important to these people – not just their ages and salaries.  Their health, beliefs and social activities gives a really great insight into what you really want.

A great 8 minute video that advertisers should have a look at when thinking about how to really target their audience

Thanks to the Alltop blog for the link

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