Social Network monitoring tools


Emarketer have some interesting infographics on social media monitoring.  Its interesting how many companies use search alerts to find out what’s being said about them in social channels.  Search often picks up social objects and conversation threads better than some sentiment monitoring tools, the search database is huge and the service is zero cost.

Tools Used to Monitor Social Networks According to IT Professionals in North America, Aug 2010 (% of respondents)

The engagement framework that companies use varies greatly.  Some companies don’t have an engagement framework in place at all – others have a fully fledged crisis management process in place to deal with issues, feedback and complaints. It’s interesting that Twitter lags behind in the engagement framework.  B2C companies should focus on listening to their customers, responding in a timely fashion and proactively supporting the consumer before an issue escalates into a crisis.

Types of Online Comments Which Companies Have a Formal Process for Handling According to IT Professionals in North America, Aug 2010 (% of respondents)

As emarketer says – negative buzz can be a headache for brands, so having a proactive engagement model in place to deal with positive and negative comments across social media channels is a good idea.  It will save on the reactive processing that exposes companies to the wrath of the global conversation and negative sentiment caused by inactivity

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