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No more IP addresses


So we’ve finally run out of available IP addresses, according to the Number Release Organisation.  They pinged all of the available IP addresses in 2007 (2.8 billion were in use), now it’s more than 3.5 billion which is less than 5% of available space.  Take up of IPv6 addresses is slower than hoped.

From the Media Centre documentation:

IPv4 Depletion and IPv6 Adoption

As of 3 February 2011, the central pool of available IPv4 addresses managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has been depleted.

The five Regional Internet Registries (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and the RIPE NCC) will continue to allocate IPv4 address space to their members in accordance with their community-based regional policies until their pools of available IPv4 addresses are depleted. It is difficult to predict when the RIRs will run out of IPv4 addresses. The RIRs will continue to allocate IPv6 addresses as they have since 1999.

IPv6 is a newer numbering system designed to account for future Internet growth. Many decision makers don’t realise how many devices require IP addresses – mobile phones, laptops, servers, routers, the list goes on.

Please see the NRO IPv4 Depletion and IPv6 Deployment FAQ to learn more.

More on the Futurity blog… Time to learn IPv6 I think Smile

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