Glass half full?

imageI’ve never thought of myself as an optimist – or a pessimist for that matter.  In my life I change from optimism to pessimism several times a day.  My friends all think I’m an optimist.  Even when I was going through redundancy at Microsoft in May 2009, my friends all commented how positively I was grasping the challenge.

Even at todays Connecting Women in Technology event, old ex Microsoft colleagues all told me how positive I looked after going through a really awful time – and how much of a role model I am now. 

I found Romans post about being a true optimist and I’ve realised how much of his points resonate with me – especially these  particular pointers.  I’ve added my own thoughts after each category


  • Believe in yourself. No one else will believe in you if you don’t This should be your main mantra!
  • Don’t pretend.  how many times have you tried to be someone you thought would fulfil a role.  Relationships, career?  How wearing is it in the long run, keeping up the pretence?
  • Feel the kindness.  And be kind in return.  Pay it forward
  • Accept your failures.  They have made you who you are.  Learn from them
  • Don’t strive for success.  You can become too driven and get the success you have dreamed of.  But at what cost?
  • Motivation is everything.  You won’t leave the house without it
  • Try to find something positive in any bad moment. You’ve been splashed by a car going through a puddle.  Remember how much you would have enjoyed it when you were little
  • Do look back. And see just how far you have come
  • Don’t talk, just do it. – one step at a time

So I’m obviously an optimist.  I often see the funny side in miserable or stressful situations. I’ve learned to put stuff behind me and move on- no matter how hard it seems to be at the time.  Life really is too short to dwell on misfortune and sorrow.

You can see the full post and Romans interpretation of why he’s an optimist here…

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