Damping the flames when a crisis breaks

I’ve found another crisis management post which approaches the issues in a slightly different way to the way I’ve approached crisis management for my clients.  My post approaches the issue from a corporate perspective, whereas Jay and Amber approach it from a more personal point of view


  1. Acknowledge the crisis.
  2. Fight social media fire with social media water
  3. Create a FAQ
  4. Build a pressure-relief valve
  5. Know when to take it offline.
  6. Arm your army
  7. Learn your lessons.

In both  cases, the most important thing to consider is communication.  Effectively communicating with the teams inside the business, making sure you’re completely on message in your communications externally, and making sure that everyone is talking about the same thing, not offering their opinions about what has happened.

The FAQ’s are often significant – especially when there are only a few social media communicators in the business.  A rude FAQ helps any member of the team respond to press enquiries, or helps them understand the company positioning about the issues and how best to consolidate the flood of information.

Without an effective plan in place, people will assume what is happening.  They will invent and justify stories and create news where often there isn’t any.  Keeping everyone informed can dampen these flames down and prevent potential fires becoming firestorms.

Do you have an effective management plan in place?  Have you got time to work your crisis management strategy out?   Call me to manage and implement your strategy and plan…