Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Mutual following–Useful or not?

So is Tweepi really useful?  It allows me to unfollow those users who don’t follow me back, follow users who are following me, and clean up the list of people I follow in Twitter.


I’m not so sure.  I don’t think that I should slavishly follow everyone who follows me on Twitter.  it leads to the insularity that I talked about the other week.  It doesn’t let my network grow.  It doesn’t bring me into contact with new people.  It doesn’t move the experience forward at all…

I strongly believe that in order to get a great set of social interactions and expansion of knowledge, then it’s really important to extend your network, not compress it.

Tools like Facebook and LinkedIn need to have a symbiotic ‘Follower / Following’  relationship.  You have to accept the connection to add the person to your network.  Twitter allows you to have inequality in your relationships and extend your network and that brings new opinions into your network

Do you think Twitter should have a more symbiotic relationship – where you only follow those who follow you?  or should you continue following folks who will never follow you?  That’s the way I think it should be…

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