Daily Archives: January 25, 2011

Your business ‘social graph’

I’ve been playing with the LinkedIn analytics feature at LinkedIn labs and I had a look at the relationship that all of my LinkedIn connections have with each other graphically displayed graphically using InMaps


The small cluster on the left are a few business contacts I’ve made through networking in my local region.  None of them are into technology, so there are minimal connections to the rest of the group.  In the bottom left are my women in technology connections, from the CWT, and from the project team members.  But the main part of the cluster is for the technology connections I’ve made, from Microsoft employees, current and past, community leaders and technical business associates.  You can scroll into the graph and see the detailed links in between each connection and map out who is connected to who.

It’s also useful for me to be able to reconnect with folks that I haven’t connected with for a while – and delete connections that I shouldn’t have connected to in the first place…

A nice little visualisation tool from the team at LinkedIn.  Thanks guys..

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