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Do you ‘really’ trust your Facebook friends?

Heck,  someone else I know has been fired from her job for posting things on her Facebook profile.  This time, her profile was secured so no one outside her immediate circle of friends could see her status updates.  But with requests from friends coming in to your Facebook account on almost a daily basis, do you really ‘trust’ all of your Facebook friends?


Last week, Facebook opened up the application interface allowing more people to see your personal data.  This time it’s your phone numbers and addresses, which will make it easier for developers to create location specific applications that target your home location.  The problem is that lots of social games like Farmville and Mafia wars rely on you having hundreds of friends to make your gaming presence stronger and operate as a group.  the challenge is that, unless carefully managed, these friends could potentially see status updates that you’d rather they didn’t see.

I often get asked how I manage to have such a public profile and a private life and how I share information with folks I’m closer to than the wider circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  I create lists and categorise my Facebook connections to put them into these lists which have different layers of visibility to my data.  To create a list, click on Account, Edit friends and Create a list


Give the list a name. I’ve called this new list Family only


And the new list appears in the set of lists I’ve created in the past


So now, when I update my status, I decide whether to send it to everyone, close friends or to folks I don’t know.  Clicking on the padlock on the status bar brings up the dialogue box to set the custom settings



And if all this seems too much of a hassle to do – then delete the friends that you don’t completely trust – or don’t say anything controversial on your Facebook page.  Being fired is the least thing that could happen – you might end up on the front page of one of the tabloids when a friend turns out to be less of a friend that you thought they were…

Now Jacque – you have no more excuses Smile

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