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I’ve praised BT in my book about their attitude towards social media and how they effectively use it for customer service.  Well, not only do they have reactive support towards queries and complaints (they listen for mentions of their name on Twitter) they also do proactive follow in care.

I’ve had problems with my broadband for a few months now, with intermittent outages and reduced download speeds and I noted my issues by web submission followed by this Tweet. BT  responded really quickly on Twitter, sent an engineer round and I had service back within a few days.

This morning I got the Tweet below.  BT were proactively checking up to see if my broadband was ok.


Actually, my broadband is a bit slow, but up constantly.  I reported the change in download speeds, got the other tweet on the screen grab above followed by a phone call from an engineer.

That’s really proactive service – and all over Twitter.

Social media can work really well in customer service situations.  Companies can really get close to their customers and engage directly with them for the issues.  Adding proactive follow up can only enhance the customers experience and improve perception about the brand. 

However, this customer service plan needs to be implemented alongside the existing customer service process and seamlessly incorporated with all of the other ways to connect.  The customer can then choose the way that they want to talk to the company, switch between modes of communication without loss of information, whilst moving towards a satisfactory customer conclusion.  My communications with BT so far have included SMS Text message, Twitter, phone, face to face and web.   The experience hasn’t been too bad, although in each of the face to face visits I’ve had, there has been a little breakdown in communication.  The engineers weren’t fully briefed on the complete fault history.  A small hurdle – easily fixed.

But overall, the follow up tweet has really impressed me and My perception of BT is so much higher than it would be if I’d received a damn satisfaction survey assuming all was hunky dory.  Nice one BT Smile

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2 thoughts on “Proactive Twitter support from BT

  1. Tom Basham

    Hi Eileen,
    It’s funny that you posted about that, I was thinking about BT the other day when I was at Cisco. They were demo’ing some functionality in their new contact centre platform that basically does a similar thing to BT’s solution. It monitors Twitter and any other feed you present it with for keywords and then surfaces the results to helpdesk people through the same interface that they use when you phone them up. What I thought was even more interesting was that it then went off and mined as much information about the poster as possible – LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile etc. – so that the analyst had a CRM like profile of the customer to refer to when pro-actively calling them back. I thought it was a cool set of tools. I guess a lot of companies aren’t necessarily ready to adopt that sort of route to customers, but those that are will have a great way of finding and talking to customers with problems.


    1. eileenb Post author

      Tom, Thanks for the comment – The Cisco solution certainly does offer a really integrated social engagement experience for the customer. With some companies incapable of getting a parcel deliveed – or returned to the depot for that matter, its obvious that a social monitoring socution would go a great way towards a better customer experience wouldn’t it?

      The problem is that some companies are so keen to build yet another portal, or design some complex process for call logging and metrics attainment that they often fail to see that the simpler solutions are often the best. I’d love to see much wider adoption of stuff like this and its all to BT’s credit that they are proactive in their efforts to communicate with the customer in the most efficient way 🙂

      We still have a long way to go though don’t we?

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