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Bye bye Delicious, Hello Pearltrees!

I’ve been playing with Pearltrees  and I’m impressed.  I’ve been worried about the demise of delicious since news leaked about it disappearing the other day.  I like to keep my links on the web, I hop from machine to machine and have a list of favourites in IE and firefox, but I like the way that Delicious lets me tap into what others rate as an informative website or set of links.

Well, from what I’ve found so far, Pearltrees seems to have the components I need.  Pearltrees does 3 things:

  • organize web bookmarks in the form of thematic (pearltrees) maps
  • connect to other maps and include them in your own maps
  • to discover a particular contact by sharing your profile information

There’s a youtube video explaining how it works:

intro to pearltrees


I like the simplicity of the UI.  I like the way that if I search for a topic I’ll find everything associated with that topic that others have categorised and I’m interested in this form of Gameplay and social discoveryimage

I like the fact I can connect to the source of the information – and remember it later.  I can link to other useful Pearltrees and be kept up to date with their additions to their tree – neat.  And I really do like the UI – its easier to get my head around how to organise things.  Much better than simple tagging. 

I was gutted that Delicious might go – but now I’ve found a great alternative and won’t mourn its passing as much as I’d thought.

What do you think about Pearltrees? will it succeed??

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