Twitter makes you happier?

I’m not sure about  a couple of these.  Twitip has published 5 ways to use Twitter so that you can become a happier person

1. Tweet to help people that you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

I agree with this one.  Social media is all about communication and socially helping people.  How many times have you overheard a conversation on the bus or in the queue at the supermarket and wanted to interrupt the conversation with the answer to the question.  We are social animals, we like to help out

2. Tweet your goals and allow people to provide accountability.

Hmmm.  What if me goals change?  What if I commit whole heartedly to run the BUPA 10k in May 2011, and them fail in my goal.  I’ll be ashamed and unable to face anyone.  What If I talk about all the fantastic business I’m going to secure in 2011 and due to circumstances outside my control, fail to hit my targets.  I’ll lose credibility and followers.

3. Tweet to direct people to your business and generate sales.

No No No!  Pointing folks to your business offerings should be s subliminal activity.. If I post interesting and compelling articles, and link to them on Twitter, then people will be interested enough to find out what I do and approach me based on my style and credibility.  not because I’m showing my expertise in social media down their throats

4. Tweet to wind down.

No!  Often Tweets wind me up not down!  I can easily become irate if someone is harping on about something I passionately disagree with.  I can wind down if I’m chatting with my friends – but not by watching the general feed…

5. Make friends.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Time and time again I find that Virtual relationships are cemented in a physical environment like a Tweetup or other meeting.  There are a lot of amazing folks out there who are on Twitter and they make me happy just by interacting online.

Well I’m now off to find another source of happiness – catching up with the comings and goings of my friends on Facebook.  But I’ll leave you with this last thought.  Where have the legs gone from the Twitter bird logo above? Smile



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