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Don’t put this on LinkedIn

Oops – I’d better sort out my LinkedIn profile and check I don’t have too many of these buzzwords scattered around.

Here are some of the howlers that LinkedIn say appear the most often in their profiles – as reported by the LA Times:

  • motivated
  • dynamic problem solver
  • team player
  • extensive experience?
  • innovative
  • results-oriented
  • proven track record
  • fast-paced
  • entrepreneurial

So, it looks like I’ve only got one buzzword in my own profile below:

I’m an experienced social media consultant who has been creating social media community and reach strategies for 6 years. I will help you with your social media architecture, strategy and plan. I will help you connect with your customers, amplify your reach and improve audience satisfaction. I’m a technical specialist in unified communications, collaboration and social computing technologies and an engaging orator and speaker who presents at events around the world.
I’m a great advocate, role model and mentor for women who want to advance their career, and can offer advice on how to get the best out of social media to improve their online brand.

Perhaps I need to add a few more then Smile with tongue out

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