Feel good about drinking wine with dinner

A glass of wine with dinner slows digestion – helping you to feel fuller for longer.  What a brilliant piece of research from Discovery News – and it’s just in time for Christmas!  I’m also going to start to drink schnapps – just in case… Volunteers were asked to each bread and cheese fondue – some drank alcohol with their food, others drank black tea.  The research findings were interesting

Extrapolating from their measurements, he estimated that it would take six hours for the stomach to completely empty itself in the group that drank tea and water. By comparison, the process of gastric emptying would take nine hours in those who drank both wine and Schnapps.

For the wine-drinkers, the researchers report today in the journal BMJ, digestion slowed along with the first sip. After chugging schnapps, the rate also dropped immediately.

With their fuller stomachs, the wine-drinkers expressed less interest in eating dessert after the meal than the tea-drinkers did, though there was no difference between groups in how uncomfortable they felt. That suggests, Fox said, that healthy people can probably drink whatever they want with fondue and feel just fine.


It doesn’t explain the desire to eat more unsuitable food (like kebabs) when you’ve been drinking lots of glasses of wine when you’re out on the town though.  But it does give me an opportunity to have another glass of wine instead of dessert.  Yay!

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