No one reads your Tweets

… which is a shame after all of the effort you’ve put into crafting the message so it fits into 140 characters or less, has interesting links and is formatted for conversational Retweets

The Pew reseacth centre have discovered that just as many people who use Twitter use it to broadcast, not read messages (21%) compared with those that read messages several times per day (24%).  Here’s the graph:

The interesting part of this graph shows that almost half Twitter users read tweets every few weeks, or less often.  Not daily.  Not several times a day when you broadcast your wit and links.  The Pew survey admits that this is a relatively small sample size, but with almost 50% of people not reading tweets – it begs the question weather some of the messages are actually worth writing at all Smile

Or perhaps we should be rebroadcasting the message several times a day to catch the 36% who do read Tweets once a day. Time to spam perhaps?  I do hope not…

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2 thoughts on “No one reads your Tweets

  1. nickyelectric

    In order to go against the grain, I read your Tweet, and even followed it through to your blog and read that too 🙂

    Very interesting to see the stats on how often people read tweets. My take on it is that people want quality not quantity. If everyone we follow is posting a blog a day, it’s just impossible to keep up with and concentrate on that whole work/earning thing.

    I already see some people rebroadcasting and it’s pretty annoying and spammy. I tend to unfollow those people pretty quickly.

    1. eileenb Post author

      I suppose if you want to operate in a global market you need to rebroadcast the same thing 3 times in 24 hours to catch every timezone – as Guy Kawasaki does. But it would soon get boring I think, and would triple the dross we’d all have to trawl throughto get to our interesting content. I do see folks just broadcasting out and never interacting or retweeting – they are just threir own PR machines… Fortunately it’s so easy to unfollow them with and automated tool like

      I wonder what the survey results would pop up if the survey link was sent through Twitter to get a much broader audience. Hopefully that our tweets are doing value somewhere out there in the Twitterverse! 🙂

      Thanks for following the link through and commenting too – I was originally going to call the post “only half of all Twitter users actually read your Tweets” but wss getting too close to 140 characters 😀

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