Facebook status updates on a T Shirt

Once a geek always a geek… Here’s a Tshirt that looks like a Facebook update for you to write your status update upon

So why am I trying to work out a way to get this automated.  all I’d need is a power source like the ones in those LED graphics flashing equaliser T shirts – and a bluetooth, or Wifi stack to talk to your mobile and Facebook

Now THAT would be coolness itself!

(don’t tell me that something like this exists – but if you DO find one – send me the link!)

Thanks to the Reflections of Me blog for the image

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3 thoughts on “Facebook status updates on a T Shirt

    1. eileenb Post author

      Yup – what a brilliant idea – for those who gets lots of interaction on their Twitter feed. Wouldn’t work on the socially challenged though 🙂

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