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How to spot a social media veteran

… apart from their age that is Smile

I spotted this over on the smart blog  They pulled up some great findings from over 6,500 respondents and compared those who have been using social media for a few months and those who have been using it for a few years.  The findings are quite interesting.  Here are the bullet points showing some of the top line results.

  • Veterans invest more in social media,
  • Veterans are more likely to have support from their leadership.
  • Veterans are more likely to diversify their tools.
  • Veterans use social media for more than just marketing.
  • Veterans are more likely to listen.

I particularly like the last point.  Often I attend meetings with the Agency that is tied in to delivering Agency work and PR for the client itself, and in an effort to demonstrate how much they know, they mug the whole business meeting, with buzzwords, jargon and ideas about “viral”  often, listening is all I can do – I can’t get a word in edgeways.  I let them run their course, and take notes.  Then I get on with working out the underlying mechanisms that will make the best sense for the customer.  Often, it’s not a viral campaign at all, but a coordinated blogging strategy across all departments.

With almost half of companies experimenting with social media, and 30% piloting applications for consideration, there are a lot of things to learn.  Social media is dynamic and moving fast.  Keep hold of your experts – or try to hire people with experience.  you’ll save money in the long run, as well as getting industry experience on the team.

It’s a big task, but if you start small and proceed slowly with all of your back office processes in place, you won’t go far wrong.  Make sure you do enough brainstorming sessions to thoroughly understand all of the ramifications and risks before you get unwelcome publicity when you go live. 

Behave like a veteran – right from the start…

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