Facebook Liking or Digging Digg?

I was listening to an argument the other day amongst my network and it concerned the importance of Digg versus Facebook likes.

Digg, the social news website has been around for a while.  Users can vote, or ‘digg’ articles that bubble up to the top of the top news trends 


Hmm.  It’s interesting to note that this screenshot, that I took today, isn’t dominated by news of the Wikileaks revelations that have been dominating the news for the last 7 days.  The more folks that vote to Digg an article, then the higher it appears in the results.  But this approach seems to be open to abuse, with mob mentality activities altering the results according to wikipedia…

So Digg is linear, and gives linear results based on the numbers of votes that it received. So… is that better than Facebook likes?

I don’t think so.. especially if you’re a marketer who wants to find out your reach in the B2C market.

Facebook’s Like feature allows you to broadcast recommendations to your friends and to your friends friends.  And as 75%of people who post reviews on products or services push this review out to their friends who are then 4  times more likely to buy.  Your friends respect your ‘social worthiness’ and will reinforce your decision in a really effective way by purchasing the product you’ve recommended. Digg is linear, Facebook Likes are exponential (viral).  Offers delivered via Scoutmob or Groupon can more easily be delivered over Facebook too, so there’s a good opportunity for B2C social commerce

Simply put. Digg articles are recommended by strangers, whereas Facebook recommendations are made by your friends.  you trust your friends, so you trust their recommendations.

So is Digg on it’s way out as a social bookmarking site?  Does the new algorithm allow for flash mob type voting on articles?  Will Facebook continue its rise for B2C market dominance or will another new mechanism appear to take Digg’s place?

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