The importance of the social media case study

Social media return on investment is something that all companies want.  But ROI is a very difficult thing to measure through something as intangible as a social media campaign, a blogging strategy or web competition. Case studies are examples of your success in the corporate world, and they are also a key indicator of sentiment and success in the social media space.

Old Spice had an innovative way to persuade women to buy Old Spice in the US. They launched an online video campaign called ‘the man your man can smell like’.


The campaign was launched during super bowl week and it targeted TV programs where viewers would likely watch together. In the first 3 months of 2010, mentions of the Old Spice brand captured 75% of all conversations with half of the conversations initiated by women. Other videos started to appear parodying the Old Spice advert and style of conversation, and TV presenters like Oprah mentioned the brand on her show.

The agency then hit upon a great way to capture the real time messages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Old Spice response campaign became the fastest growing campaign ever reaching 5.9 million views on YouTube on day 1.

On day 2, Old Spice was 8 from the top 11 most popular videos on the web. On day 3 of the campaign there were more than 20 million views and on day 7, over 40 million views. This had a huge knock on effect on the Old Spice Twitter and Facebook pages. The old Spice website had a 300% increase in site visits and became the most popular channel on YouTube. Financially this campaign has made a difference too with sales of Old Spice body wash up by 27% in 6 months since campaign launch. A great return on investment from a YouTube video campaign.

And where did I get all of this information from?  Well, their Agency, W+K has put together this case study and  put it on YouTube showing how the campaign was put together and the success of it


So a social media campaign detailing the success of a social media campaign.  That’s Neat 🙂

Hat tip to Read Write Web and Mashable for the links

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