Finding your social network influencers

I came across these videos when chatting to my pal Jonathon who pointed me to this post on the Dollywaggon blog.  They are a really easy introduction to how social networks actually work.  its a really simple explanation of how influencers work, and their importance in cultivating your influencers in your network.  Most of my work with clients is trying to understand who their influencers are, why they are influential, and what to do with them once they have identified them, so the work that DollyWaggon do is really interesting to me.

Anyway, have a look at the 4 videos and lean about networks and influencers

Part1: an explanation of the differences between network nodes and edges and the relationship between them


Part2: This video explains how there are many hidden connections underneath the main part of the network which introduces complexity and structure to the network itself


Part 3: This talks about the topology of the network and how the fundamental properties of the network gives rise to influencers within a network that can survive changes and damage to the network due to its structure


Part 4: This shows the difference between the broadcaster and the communicator and how the communicator has more credibility than the broadcaster (who might be looking to increase his influencers).  This video also brings in the concept of routing hubs


Great stuff Jason – keep it up 🙂

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