Tired of Powerpoint? Try Prezi..

Its nice to be shown a bit of new technology that makes you excited about it, and its good to see innovation in  creating presentations.  One of my very non techy  friends has just shown me Prezi a very quick and easy way to generate rather good and eye-catching presentations.  Here’s how easy it is to get started…



I love the idea of the Zebra, (the little stripy wheel in the image above) and how easy it is to create visually arresting presentations.  Here’s an example presentation using prezi which seems really easy to learn

image and another perspective here

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3 thoughts on “Tired of Powerpoint? Try Prezi..

    1. eileenb Post author

      Wow Jenny, I’ve just had a play with this too – I’m not a good designer ad cold never make anything as pretty as any of these sites – but in the right hands this tool could be amazing!
      it looks like Silverlight – but silvelight needs a lot of codig knowledge to get something cool – this looks much simpler. I’m now going to have to have a much closer look! 🙂

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