Singing to some salt

there’s some amazing learning experiences to be had out there in the peoples network.  Today, through a shared link on Facebook, I’ve started looking at Cymatics and found out that there are lots of videos on YouTube showing this phenomenon.

Cymatics shows patterns of sound and vibration and you can do it with several different things like salt and Cornflour and some amazing stuff with water.

but this is my favourite.  This is a video of Mera O’ Reilly singing to some salt which is sprinkled onto a Chaldni plate attached to a tone generator. 

I’ve often dragged a paper cup of coffee across the desk to watch the resonance but I had no idea it could be put to use  like this.

Hat tip to the today and tomorrow blog and to Jessica for finding it in the first place and sharing it on Facebook.  This word of mouse network is amazing 🙂

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