Physical marketing in the Virtual world

Zynga games, the makers of Farmville on Facebook are starting to merge the physical with the virtual world.  If you’re in the US or Canada  all you need to do is to look for specially marked products and Zynga Game Cards at 7-Eleven.


Then all you need to do is visit the BuyEarnPlay web site to register, and  use the redeem codes. Then you’ll be able to have some virtual gifts  in your game. 

There seems to be quite a few products that you can physically buy to get your virtual gifts.  Here’s a screenshot showing some of them for Farmville and Mafia Wars.


There is a caveat though just in case you’re wondering…

Zynga virtual gifts and ÜBER Gifts are virtual items that exist in-game only, have no cash value, may not be redeemed for cash and are subject to all Zynga terms and conditions.

Now turning virtual items into real ones – there’s an opportunity for marketers.  Like the option to buy a Pizza when you play EverQuest II many other companies have realised the value of merging the physical world with the online world and Zynga have teamed up with 7-11 quite nicely with this one.  As more and more global brands recognise the value of merging physical with virtual, social with people, expect to see more of this type of activity coming along.

And soon we’ll be completely used to the blurring of the physical, social and the virtual. like it’s always been there…  I wonder what’ll be next?  🙂

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