Daily Archives: May 20, 2010

The difference between being blocked and being offline in OCS

I’ve been talking to a customer about social computing recently.  They are well on the way to implementing a good collaboration solution, but they had some problems with OCS.  The manager was convinced that there was something wrong with the server as one of his team, Lee was always offline – even when she was in the office.  I looked at his OC client and the answer was clear.  Let me explain.

jane offline 

alan blocked

Do you see the difference?  Jane has logged off her machine (16 hours ago) whilst Alan has blocked me from seeing his presence.  I have no way of telling how long he’s been offline at all.

So Mike, you’ve definitely been blocked.  I think its time to use an alternative form of communication to find out why she did this.  There’s nothing wrong with OCS at all 🙂

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