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Johari window – perceptions of you

I had an amazing day yesterday at the Connecting women in Technology Event at Dell (I’ll write up the proper report soon when I get some access to the official photos from the day).  I delivered a session on the Johari window and helping you to communicate – more effectively and in teams.

One of the key things about Johari is that often, the way you perceive yourself is not the way that others perceive you.  You need to create your own window by selecting 5 or 6 descriptive words about how you perceive yourself – then send it to friends and colleagues.  Here’s an example:

image The pink area represents what people know about you when they first meet you.  as they get to know you and find out about you, your open area increases.  Your blind spot represents things that people know about you – but you are unaware of.  Asking for feedback will reveal things in the blind spot.  Talking about your hidden areas brings them out into the open.  Here’s an example of a completed Johari (not mine)

image   The top left area represents things you know about yourself – and others know about you.  So this person (a woman I admire) has a couple of qualities that she thinks about herself but others don’t.  By disclosing these qualities to her friends and colleagues, her calmness and energy move into her arena  (open area) area.

It’s a great tool to use as an individual, and also to use in Group sessions so that you can improve communications – and if you’re really brave – have a look at your weaknesses using the Nohari version of the Window – and find out what people think that you could do better 🙂

A great tool for discovering a little bit more about yourself and what your friends think of you 🙂

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