Are Men to blame for the credit crunch?


Wow… Robert Peston really nails his opinion and his reason for the credit crunch here:

This paragraph in particular really struck a chord with me…

“The conventional explanation is that it’s a manifestation of the glass ceiling, of sexism in the City (and in politics, and in the public sector).  Which is to say that women had a lucky escape: they are only innocent of this particular crime against global prosperity because men unfairly elbowed them out of the way in the unseemly race to the top.”

It’s good to see an opinion piece like this actually written by a man – instead of the sometimes over the top opinions of women who have been sidelined in their careers.  It may be a numbers game only though – but a nice piece Robert. 

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6 thoughts on “Are Men to blame for the credit crunch?

  1. Zack [ZDNet]

    I couldn’t agree more. Even though on initial appearances, Peston appears to be an arrogant self-important man, he does have a point. The glass ceiling needs to be broken and it apalls me to know that this world is run predominantly by men. I’m favoured over some people because I have a disability and that ticks a few extra boxes to most employers. Why can’t women have not necessarily have it easier but at very least *fairer*. It’s not much to ask.

    I forget the quote exactly, but it’s along the lines of – “behind every successful man is a woman; beyond the woman is a devious looking cat.”

    I wrote about this some time ago – it might be worth a read: , with help from Philippa Snare who I used to work with and is a long-time campaigner for women’s rights in the industry.

  2. Pete

    Robert Preston is to blame for the crunch as it was his single handed scare mongering of the potential collapse of Northern Rock that pushed the banking community over the edge. I do wish he would shut up and go away.

  3. eileenb Post author

    Pete – he will do – when the credit crunch is over – he’ll have nothing to do 😀

    Zack… this is the age old struggle – I do wonder whether we’ll move forward at all in the next 15 years – ever with all of these issues being highlighted. your post has some great points too by the way 🙂

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  6. The Payer Player

    Hmmm interesting points in that article. While I can not agree 100%, his writing did make me think more critically about the possibility. The sexism in the world is of course undeniable. (This coming from a male FYI)

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