Twitter – and good customer service

I’m really impressed with the way that companies use Twitter to connect – really connect with their customers.  Andrew told me about his own personal experience of excellent and speedy service through Twitter.

Andrew has a really slow broadband connection – as i do – we both get about 1/2 mb each.  so VOIP calls can sometimes be a bit torturous with the latency.  I feel like speaking simplex sometimes “Roger”, “Over” “Over and Out”, its sometimes so bad.  Well Andrew complained about the speed of his broadband service


then look how long it took BT to respond to him…


then after a few tweets on Friday morning from BT and a visit on Tuesday evening, Andrew tweeted…


and BT responded… image 

BT even came down a few days later to check the connections in the road.  Again, excellent response to their customers. 

Companies could certainly learn from this type of positive customer service and response using Twitter.  this is an amazing example of just how Twitter can be put to good use to change perception and improve satisfaction of a service, product or company.

Companies have a lot to learn here, but well done BT for being so responsive and getting great customer satisfaction from just one Tweet. nice one…

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6 thoughts on “Twitter – and good customer service

  1. Alan Richards

    I have a feeling companies are ‘watching’ twitter. I tweeted the other day that I was looking into software to control Mac’s using Microsoft group policy. I had about 5 direct messages from companies who do software that does it.

  2. eileenb Post author

    We certainly do at Microsoft. @asktechnetuk allows you to ask questions to the technet team, and most of the product teams monitor tag words like bing and Windows 7 to see what the twitterverse thinks. It’s nice to get good support through twitter though instead of actually calling the help desk and suffering the torture of the call queue 🙂

  3. techblog125

    I agree with you. Twitter has made it so easy for business personnel to keep in touch. Twitter has opened new doors in the world of technology.

  4. Mark

    I think that if you look at the statistics (lies & damn lies aside naturally) that were published recently you’ll take away that organizations are not using Twitter in any meaningful way at all.
    A hardcore set of a few thousand users in a few segments does not a business model make.

  5. Janet | Web Design

    Hi there
    I have just come across you blog its really great and hope to be visiting more.

    Now on the question of Twitter and service, I myself haven’t got hooked on Twitter but have done a lot of reading about it and yes I think that it is a great tool to have, but depending on the business its used for. So it could work.

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