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More on custom presence states in OCS

Whilst I’m on the subject of OCS, voice and presence, I noticed that Ewan has updated his document on how to create custom presence states in OCS.  his “Fine and Dandy” state makes me smile whenever I see it.


Anyway, to get the XML on how to do this (and the registry key that you need) read his blog here.

So with custom presence, and the ability to change your custom location (see above).  You could get really descriptive about where you are, and how you’re feeling in that location…

Thanks to Ewan for the registry  key.  now or a bit of playing with OC…


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Thinking about OCS and Voice?

If you’re seriously thinking about OCS R2 after the launch the other week, then Brett and Julian are running a webcast of the voice capabilities of OCS on march 11th.  here is the abstract for the Webcast:


In this 60 minute session Brett Johnson and Julian Datta Shepherd will provide an overview of OCS 2007 R2 covering the new features and functionality which will enhance business productivity and reduce costs. This session will focus in on the voice capabilities available with OCS 2007 R2. The webcast is aimed at ITPros that have some experience with Office Communications Server and VoIP.


Register here:


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