Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

Good people managers should…


Care about the career progress and growth of their team and those they coach.  So Kevins blog entry on the tech leaders blog made me stop and think.

So many leaders and managers are so focused on short time business results and task based projects that they fail to listen to or empower their teams, which leads to disenchantment and demotivation, which leads to poor business results and project failures.  It’s a vicious circle for both sides.

Mike gets it right when he talks about leadership being “with people” and the 5 skills it needs.  and I’ve called out a few of his examples that particularly resonate with me.

  • Integrity – hold your values strong and don’t sell out for anything
  • Always give your followers the credit for your successes
  • Take the responsibility and blame for your follower’s mistakes
  • Do not self-promote, learn to be a humble leader
  • Regularly ask for others’ views and never judge them
  • Share your vulnerabilities
  • Help your followers anytime they need it
  • Show compassion for others and what they share with youand if you, as a manager or leader can get these skills, then the business results and projects will follow…
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