Missing Drafts folder in Outlook 2007: Found again with MFCMAPI

Techy:  Someone that won’t let something go till they get to the root of the issue.  That’s me…

That damned missing Drafts folder in Outlook has been bugging me and I’ve had lots of mails and Tweets asking me whether I’ve found it.  I couldn’t let it rest at all.  I’d started Outlook with the /resetfolders switch, and the /resetfoldernames and the /cleanprofile switch but no use.  The folder was still missing.  So I gave up and asked our internal Outlook DL if anyone had any further ideas to point me on the way.  Well thanks to Mitesh, I now have the answer – and the solution.

What I needed to download was MFCMAPI (to try and see if the folder was there and hidden somewhere in my Outlook profile).  And here are the steps I followed:

Download MFCMAPI

1) Install MFCMAPI. Close Outlook.
2) Click on the Session menu and select “Log on and Display Store Table”.  (This prompts you for your Outlook profile)

3) Double click on your mailbox in the top pane.
4) Expand Top of IPM_SUBTREE then find and select the Drafts folder – Check for PR_ATTR_HIDDEN attribute.

5) If it is set to True, then right click on it, click on edit Property and uncheck the checkbox, which set it to False.

6) Then launch Outlook and you will see the Drafts folder back.


Phew.  I’m happy now.  And no longer worried that I’ve lost mails or not sent them when I was distracted …


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