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Songsmith – if you’ve ever sung in the shower


Songsmith has amused me more than any other Microsoft product has – ever.

My husband sings.  All the time.  He makes up daft songs and sings to the chickens and the cats.  He has a song for each cat that he sings to – and he modifies the lines of the songs depending on the cat food of the day. He sings daft tunes whilst he feeds them.  He even sings about the weeds in the lawn.  All of his songs rhyme.  Interminably.  He likes to rhyme the end of each line with the line above. For example:

“There are weeds in the lawn

It’s looking all forlorn

I think it should be shorn

Upon the early morn

And then I’ll feel reborn” (etc etc etc….till he runs out of sensible rhyming words and starts daft versions)

So I let him sing into Songsmith.  And cried laughing. For over an hour.  And today I’m still remembering and breaking into a smile again.  Just imagine how much fun this would be with a group of friends, and a bottle of wine…


So yesterday I had blues songs, jazz songs, happy songs, salsa songs.  All about the cats, or the chickens, or me, or the car, or the Hoover.  He’s having a great time with it and is going to export this to movie maker to get backing tracks for some of his movies.

And I’m going to play some more.  what a brilliant idea.  Thank you Microsoft Research for making me laugh so much.

So go and download it now – and put your daft songs to music too…

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