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Become a Certified Master – in OCS

Whilst I’m on the subject of Masters (see yesterdays post), I thought I’d talk about the OCS Master qualification that has also started.

The first public class will be offered at a 50% discount and the next one after that will be offered at a 30% discount.  It’s hard work though.  having been on internal training courses (10 hour days) I can honestly say that you’re really pushed hard.  That’s why you need to have passed the pre-requisite exams too

You’ll get long days of detailed instruction (most days are 8am to 7pm in class), individual and group activities, over 20 hands on activities and a substantial lab environment to enable to you to really drill into scenarios and components that you would either never have the time, infrastructure or teaching support to do otherwise.

Here is a quick overview of how the three weeks of training are made up.

In week one we first drill into the dependencies of OCS.  If you don’t understand the protocols, services and infrastructures upon which your solution depends then you can have little hope of being a credible consultant when deployments run into technical difficulties and require a depth of understanding that enables a root cause to be quickly established and rectified or how to understand how infrastructure dependencies impact design decisions. We move onto IM and presence looking in detail at how the heart of OCS works from both a server and a client perspective. Building on this we then drill into conferencing from both detailed technical and architectural perspectives.

Week two is mainly about voice and all that entails. Some of the most exciting sessions here let you explore real world complex voice designs and really get into what it takes to get design and deploy these. We also look at video and video interoperability with other vendors and then what it takes to design and deploy edge infrastructures.

Bringing it all together in week three we look at broader architecture and operational issues such as high availability, disaster recovery, monitoring and capacity planning.

More info over on the office communications team blog

and when you pass the Masters course, let me know and I’ll advertise your skills for you 🙂


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