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Are you a SharePoint Master?

I noticed that we’ve announced the Microsoft Certified Master for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Certification.  It’s a little bit like the Exchange Ranger program.y1pZy42udLb-fdcnF9bOCtBs-JQkvSs_hHN9xmQN2aHG7CeTNcY_jXe_z6hwqX1xvBwLr2ymnLjn_W1VCH3M59ETA?PARTNER=WRITER

This new certification will demonstrate your skill in designing, building and troubleshooting solutions built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Successful completion of this program will demonstrate knowledge of SharePoint Products & Technologies at a deeper level than has ever been assessed before. Graduates of this program will be recognized by Microsoft as the top SharePoint experts in the world. Additionally, Masters become an immediate part of an exclusive community of Office SharePoint Server 2007 experts that includes fellow MCM graduates and members of the SharePoint Product Group to which they can contribute and from which they can draw the collective knowledge of that community at any time.

The SharePoint Master Information page is now live on Microsoft.com. Also, registration is now open for internal and external candidates for the beta and RTM deliveries.

Have a look at the Master FAQ page for more information…

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