Eccentric Brits racing through the mud

So what do bored Essex folks do on the first weekend of the year to watch others having fun (or torturing themselves based on your point of view).  they go to the Maldon Mud Race.


This race has been going on since 1973 – where the landlord of the Rose and Crown pub was challenged to serve dinner on the saltings (the green bank in the middle of the estuary) in a dinner suit.  he raced across the mud, served dinner, and raced back.   The next year the challenge was to race across, drink a pint of beer and race back.  So the race was born.

The 2009 winner took about 4 minutes to get around the course – but in the melee and chaos of the middle of the pack, things can take a little bit longer.  The final 2 this year were being pulled out of the mud with ropes after about 45 minutes thrashing around in the gloop.  Still, it’s all for a good cause with the proceeds going to charity.

There’s a link to last years video here

I’m glad I’m not fit enough to join the 250 mudskippers in the freezing cold mud –   But it was great cheering them on from the bank  🙂

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