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Wine Pilates

This is me – well it will be me in an hour or so…


Thanks to Jo from BCSWomen at the BCS for sharing and making me smile.  and yes – I’ve done more than one of these in my time…

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A very trusted Certificate

I have no idea how I invoked this certificate for myself – but I had some DNS issues and had to join the domain again when I was in the office the other week.

I had a look at the list of certificates I have on this machine and found this from certmgr.msc…


Wow! 3009.  That’s a hell of an expiry date. I didn’t register this date by the way.

So can anyone better this date?  Very impressive!

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Being a Geek Goddess


Dan responded to a post I’d made over on my other blog when I posted about Dame Wendy Hall.  He pointed me to a book written by his wife Christina Wood and a blog interview he’d done with her about her new book, How to be a Geek Goddess.

I often get asked why I like technology so much and I find it hard to explain.  I just do.  I mean I like making things work and finding out just what something actually does.  I get frustrated about the design of things sometimes – which is why I stop using things after a very short period of time if they’re not logical or intuitive to use – so I’m always interested in how stuff is designed.  Dan asked Christina:

If you could change one thing about the tech industry, what would it be?

I’d get more women in there designing the stuff. Then we will see some cool products women will like.

So what would I design that’s cool? An app that lets me dial home and turn the heating on and record the TV when I’m late back home.  Oh, and it’s got to work on my smartphone, from wherever I am in the world.  X10 remote control,  stuff like that.  i know it’s possible – but I want it from my phone as i can’t get a signal from the train on my PC

So what would YOU change about the Tech industry??

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SlideShare ribbon for PowerPoint

I’ve finally got round to installing the Slideshare ribbon for PowerPoint – just the thing for sharing my session decks on the web.  I’d forgotten to install the .NET framework 3.5 and then I built my new PC – all excuses I know :-)  Then I went ahead and installed the ribbon onto Powerpoint

I like it.  It brings PowerPoint closer to all of the other Social networking stuff I do and enables me to seamlessly post presentations to the cloud directly from PowerPoint,  It’s a simple little addin – just like the blog from Word 2007 feature – that brings the cloud and your desktop seamlessly together. It also allows you to search for and download presentations from the cloud and modify them with Powerpoint.  now THAT’s useful.  Techcrunch and the Read Write Web seem to like it too.

So with that and the ability to post your own SlideShare widget on your blog so everyone can find your latest presentations.

Such a great add in…


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Good people managers should…


Care about the career progress and growth of their team and those they coach.  So Kevins blog entry on the tech leaders blog made me stop and think.

So many leaders and managers are so focused on short time business results and task based projects that they fail to listen to or empower their teams, which leads to disenchantment and demotivation, which leads to poor business results and project failures.  It’s a vicious circle for both sides.

Mike gets it right when he talks about leadership being “with people” and the 5 skills it needs.  and I’ve called out a few of his examples that particularly resonate with me.

  • Integrity – hold your values strong and don’t sell out for anything
  • Always give your followers the credit for your successes
  • Take the responsibility and blame for your follower’s mistakes
  • Do not self-promote, learn to be a humble leader
  • Regularly ask for others’ views and never judge them
  • Share your vulnerabilities
  • Help your followers anytime they need it
  • Show compassion for others and what they share with youand if you, as a manager or leader can get these skills, then the business results and projects will follow…
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    Getting my hands on Microsoft Surface

    W-Tech logo

    I like doing some demos.  I love demoing how I use Unified Communications in my day job (if you’ve seen the Devil wears Prada spoof, I demo all of the technologies in the video and really enjoy how all of these technologies work together.

    Well now I’m getting into demoing Microsoft Surface and I’ll be at Wtech  on 3rd February showing just what an amazing device this is.  WTech is also a great networking opportunity for you so I’d encourage you to attend if you’re planning to be in London in Feb.

    So come along and play with the device yourself and see some of the cool things it can do…

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