It’s always nice to get a thank you

i was forwarded this mail after Steve helped Wagner to get his TechNet subscription.  I’m copying this in full as it’s so rare we get thanked like this and i wanted  everyone to know that when we get mails like this, they really make our day.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for your help.

Clive called me yesterday and I placed the order for my Tech Net subscription WITH the 30% offer. That was a very kind gesture from your team to allow me the privilege of signing up to your services at the reduced price that Steve mentioned on his Blog.

Although I run a very small company, and you working for such a large company, I still had the feeling that you cared and took special interest in addressing my request. Even if you had come back and said “sorry, we can’t offer you the discount”, I would still feel that Steve, Clive and you had a pleasant personal touch addressing me by first name and replying to emails and phone calls almost immediately.

To be perfectly honest with you, I thought that my original email to Steve would have had an automated reply and that it would be the end of the story. Happy to know that although Microsoft is such a large business, people don’t hide behind their anonymity to avoid helping others.

You three (and no doubt thousands of others) are a prized asset to your Compay.

Yes, we’re just ordinary and real people doing our jobs as best as we can – and a little thank you from time goes a very long way…