Such a HUGE plane

I’m actually looking forward to my flight back to the UK.  But you know I’m terrified of flying.  Well there’s a codicil to this.

Except on an A380.  What an amazing plane.

There’s loads and loads of room – even in economy. The air bridges are double height so you can load both decks at the same time.  There are 2 entrances on each deck so there’s no congestion at the entry to the aircraft – and they manage to load the whole plane in under 20 minutes.  Amazing.

The seat back screens are twice the size as normal screens with hundreds and hundreds of films / TV / videos and music.  There are 3 jacks on the seat back so you can transfer files from your USB stick and work, or use the screen in your seat back.  Lots of gizmos to keep you amused.

And the best thing of all… The plane is so big, you can hardly feel any movement, no turbulence, hardly any juddering.  And take off (my least favourite bit of the flight) was amazing – with hardly any scary bits at all.  Thank heavens.

So, for once, I’m actually looking forward to a flight.  No more British Airways for me – I’ve switched my allegiance to Singapore Airlines or any other carrier that is flying the A380.

All because of a plane…