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Why does Vista take so long to start up?

..is a question I get from users who have installed loads of extra stuff on to their PC’s and I get so irate that they’re annoyed about

Often, when people add 3rd party applications, the developers decide that these applications are so vital, that they need to be loaded into memory when Vista (or XP starts) .  Things like QuickTime, ITunes, Adobe, Nokia software, OEM applications and various other rubbishy utilities.

And Microsoft get blamed for the poor performance.  It makes me seethe.


Look at all of the unnecessary stuff on this PC – all of the HP stuff, the Quicktime, Adobe, and Nokia – do they really NEED to be loaded at startup?  They’re all unnecessary and can be invoked by a click of the icon. They DO NOT need to be there at Start up!

ALL of these programs wil run if you invoke (click on)  the icon.  But instead, they’re all loading at startup and taking resources away from XP and VIsta and making them perform slowly – and making you think that it’s OUR fault!


How do you fix this? (in XP and Vista)


Choose the Startup Tab, and take the check box off any of the unnecessary programs that you don’t need at startup.  Each application may take 1 second more to invoke but they DON’T need to be there all the time.  Take out the check boxes and reboot.  Don’t uncheck services like Anti virus of course (or your other essential applications).

You’ll find that Vista and XP reboots much more quickly and is much more responsive without those extraneous applications getting in the way.

So spread the word to your friends.  XPOCONFIG.EXE is your friend – and your defence against those badly written rogue applications.

Go and fix your friends computer – and earn yourself a beer 🙂 …..

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