A brain of 2 halves

Woah.  What a video!

I’m catching up on my RSS feeds, email and admin as all of my team are out of the office and there’s a lot less for me to do this week as a people manager.  So I’m reading all of the links I’ve stored in OneNote and just generally slowing down after the madness of the last 2 weeks – giving my brain a rest.

So I was amazed to watch this video this morning, where Jill Bolte Taylor, a Brain scientist talks about the day she had a stroke and her unique ability to watch what was happening inside her brain.  It’s also interesting where she shows just how separate the 2 halves of our brain are, and compares one half to parallel processing and the other half to serial processing. I know that some of you are interested in this right brain left brain stuff as you all mailed me with advice when I was tormented by that annoying dancing woman the other month

Nod to Steven for pointing me to this video

Compelling stuff and well worth listening to the end.  Not for the squeamish though – that’s a real brain she’s holding in her hands and you can see both halves really easily…