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How close do you like your media experience

Dean had an interesting post the other day which got me thinking about what I prefer. 

  • 3” mobile – “1ft user experience”
  • 19” laptop – “3ft user experience”
  • 50” TV screen – “10ft user experience”
  • 10’ Billboard – “100ft user experience”

My eyes are too poor now to “enjoy” media on my phone, I can’t see a Zune screen properly and have to squint to read my email on my phone without my glasses.  Video is blurry and I have to guess at the song track i want to find.  My laptop is fine – but it’s a very solitary experience – I can’t share things with others, cuddled up on the sofa watching a film.  TV in the room – better – but my TV isn’t big enough to be a “home entertainment centre”

and a billboard?  too impersonal – i want to share my experience for sure – but not with everyone passing by.  Too impersonal.

So my question is – which is the best to get the best experience?  DO I need to embrace all of these (get better reading glasses and a huge TV screen) or continue with the limited options I currently use.  I’m definitely a lean back consumer which is probably why I love going to the cinema and watching TV from the sofa. 

But does one size fit all?  or do we need to have one of each for the full media experience – I really don’t know.  So over to you.

What sort of media experience do you prefer?  Do I need one item to cope with every bit of my media consumption or should I go for the media experience on every form factor possible?

How do you consume your media?…

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