Daily Archives: July 9, 2008

Helping User groups with Culminis

I’ve been talking to my team this wee, reviewing their work for last year. planning for next year and talking about the commitments and objectives that they need to achieve as evangelists. 

One of the primary things we do is to support and encourage user groups in the UK to become successful – but there’s a lot of user groups – some we know, a lot we don’t know about.  So there’s an organisation that helps User groups become successful called Culminis.

Graham, who works in corp. looks after Culminis from a global perspective and he’s blogged (with some really interesting comments too) about the recent changes to Culminis:

  1. Culminis will become a volunteer-based organization, very similar to INETA, with regional boards.
    • The initial board appointments will be selected by Microsoft and the Culminis company.
    • The initial board will be in place for only one year, and will then be replaced by members elected by the community.
  1. Microsoft will directly provide the following “core services,” many of which are currently delivered by Culminis.
    • Event Support
    • Community Development
    • Content Delivery
    • User Group recognition and reporting
    • Newsletter support.
  1. The core services will be available to the new volunteer Culminis community and INETA as well as other associations such as PASS. We think this is particularly advantageous to the community as a whole, as it ensures that Microsoft support is available to all User Groups and not just IT Pro groups.

Well if you support, or run a User group (not necessarily in the UK either)and you didn’t know about Culminis, you may want to have a look at their site – stop struggling and get the support you need from the “User Group for User Groups”.