Vote for me (or perhaps not…)

I was really delighted to see that both Steve and Andrew had been shortlisted for the Computer Weekly blog awards and also really pleased that I’d made the list too.  To see 3 of us from 5 in our team make the shortlist is an amazing achievement that I can feel really proud of as a team manager.    I did originally  put the “vote for me” button on the side of my blog, but I felt so uncomfortable with the button being there that I’ve now taken it off.

It feels really weird, my job as an evangelist means that I should be going out and hustling for votes but it just doesn’t feel right somehow.  Am I Astroturfing by doing this?  Is this the start of the slippery slope for me?

And even by blogging about this, am I doing this too? There’s a lot of discussion about this by the bloggers over here with wildly differing opinions.  Oh heck.

Anyway, Good luck to David, Giorgio, Jason, Jerry, John, Mike, Ray,  and Steve – it’s nice to see so many Microsoft names in there and nice to see that our “Blog smart” blogging policy enables us to share all of the great and amazing stuff that we get to work with here.

So go and vote for someone….

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One thought on “Vote for me (or perhaps not…)

  1. John Breakwell

    It sounds like being a team manager has turned you into the equivalent of a doting parent who continually puts their children forward instead of themselves. I’ve checked and the people in your team are big enough and ugly enough to fend for themselves. So stick the “Vote For Me” back up and show them how its done.

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