Demoing our innovation

I was sitting in the company meeting today and like Mark, I really loved all of the demos that were shown today. Deepzoom (which I talked about with Deep Earth the other day), The Hardrock cafe memorabilia site (don’t forget the shortcut to get to the Easter egg – Ctrl+U) and of course my favourite bit of innovation – the worldwide Telescope which I’ve enthused about before.  Mind you the cute walk through by the 6 year old was really really sweet.  You can find it in the section called “Guided tours” and it’s the Ring Nebula demo (shown here).


One of the really great things about working in the Evangelism part of the organisation is getting to see and play with early versions of this amazing and innovative stuff that’s now out there.  From the Turning the pages application that we did for the British Library, to Silverlight skins for Live search (Tafiti) and the ability to easily blog from there.  Easy mashups using Popfly and great concepts like Surface too…  Loads more coming up too.

We innovate in so many different areas and it’s really great to be able to use all of these technologies so early and demo them in action in my day job.

What a ride!…