Offline: from blogging and work. Can I do it?

Well my WIT session is finished and I’m no longer required at TechEd Developers this week, so I’m going to spend a couple of days in Florida chilling out until it’s time to come back to TechEd IT pro’s.  I’m going to the Kennedy Space Centre today as I’ve never been there before and the whole concept of space has captivated me for as long as I remember.  When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon the whole school has a special assembly watching the event on a tiny black and white TV at the front of the hall.  Even though I was tiny, I still remember it as a defining moment in my life.  Even now, I still spend as much time as possible gazing skywards on dark nights, and spend far too much time looking at the stars through the Worldwide telescope.

So I’ll be offline for a while, unless I manages to stay at a place that offers Wifi.  Till then I’ll be blogging offline using the new Tech Preview of Live Writer that I noticed over on Mikes‘ blog.  There’s some nice new features to try out when I’m all shopped out and bored with the sun, sand and Scuba diving in the Florida Keys.


Oh my –

Can I cope with the lack of Technology?  We’ll see how it goes…