Throwing Eggs at Steve Ballmer

I’m in agreement with Joe Wilcox here and I watched this video he links to in his latest post with anger and dismay.  I think that Steve handled things really well with not a shred of the anger that you or I may have expressed.  How would you feel if that happened to you, can you imagine how you would have reacted?  Vaulted over the lectern to punch the guys lights out perhaps? (I’d have cheered if someone had done that actually).

How would you feel if you had to watch your step every time you appeared in front of an audience?  What if the missile had been much much worse?  What if someone had been badly hurt? Most of us enjoy relative anonymity going about our daily work.  Would you like to be in the public eye in the sort of world that exposed us to this much hatred and animosity?  I certainly wouldn’t and I still remember the awfulness that Kathy Sierra was exposed to, just for doing the thing she loved and being the target of death threats and a terrible hate campaign   

But the thing that horrified me the most was that the 2 guys either side of the egg thrower didn’t try to stop him throwing the 2nd or 3rd egg after watching him throw the first missile.  No one tried to prevent him at all.  They just let him walk straight out almost apologetically and without comment.

So, to the egg thrower –  whoever you are – whatever your motives for disrupting this event for all of the other attendees –  shame on you for this…


2 thoughts on “Throwing Eggs at Steve Ballmer

  1. hungarian

    and you have no problem that we hungarians can’t use free software in the goverment becouse all tenders are just for microsoft softwares.

    i don’t want my tax to be given to microsoft while we have free, open source alternatives.

    corrupt goverment, corrupt microsoft..

    what about the law suit against microsoft was delayed on the same day when Ballmer came to Hungary?

    Shame on you!

  2. eileenb Post author

    Your government have a choice which software they choose to use. You have a choice which software you choose to use.
    Tenders are written by the government – the same government that the people of the country have chosen to elect into office. again – the people’s choice.
    Why don’t you ask the lawyers why the law suit was delayed? it was their choice to delay after all.

    We all have a choice. The government will choose whichever software best fits their business needs – whatever that may be.

    Throwing eggs at someone will not solve your political issues – and in the long run will not do any good at all. Acting professionally will. and that’s exactly what Steve Ballmer did…

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