Right Brain or Left Brain illusion

My mother showed me something which has been driving me totally mad since yesterday.


(Click on the icon for the web page with the animated version)

It’s an illusion which apparently tests whether you’re using your right brain or your left brain.  I’ve stared at this image of the dancing girl for far too long, and to me, she’s only going round in one direction.

So I asked James, who definitely uses a different side of his brain to me and he can only see her moving in one direction only too – the same way as me.

But both my Mum and my Dad, see her stop and change direction, Dad by breathing deeply, Mum by concentrating. Me?  Nothing at all.  She steadfastly goes in the same direction – round and round, round and round. 

So please please let me know – can you see her moving anticlockwise at all?  Can anyone see her moving in both directions.  It’s driving me mad!

Or is this moving both directions something only the over 60’s can see?….


2 thoughts on “Right Brain or Left Brain illusion

  1. eileenb Post author

    Finally got it to change directions – I looked at the left of the page – and then it changed… phew!

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