Digital navigation

I really love American muscle cars and have driven several big powerful beasties for years now.  My current car is a 2000 Pontiac Trans Am (4th generation GM F-body if you’re interested – one of the last ones to roll off the line in Ste Therese, before they stopped MAR-1005-05-OUT-UNC-023making them).

This is me driving at my last track day with my foot down hard…

I love the fact that there’s no digital climate control – there’s just a knob to turn from the blue bit to the red bit.  The radio is desperately simple.  There’s no RDS, no traffic announcements, just a seek button for the stations (imagine driving through the US trying to find a good radio station to listen to…).  There’s no bells, whistles, anything fancy at all.  It’s even got a manual gearbox – a rarity in these automatic days.

But it’s really fast off the mark and that’s why I love driving it.  There’s a map on the back seat that I use to get to TechNet and other venues.  The problem is that my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and I can’t see the maps – even with my reading glasses on in the dim light.  So I normally call my husband to guide me to the location I need to get to – a bit like air traffic control talk planes in 🙂

Well, I got horribly lost in Manchester getting to the last roadshow and James and Steve had to drive out and find me.  Oh the shame.  They’ve been rumbling about me getting a SatNav for a while now, but I’ve been resistant as I don’t want any gadgetry to spoil the sleek dashboard lines inside the car.

Well, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I’m now fully SatNaved up with a neat little device that does far more than I actually want it to.  I’ve managed to stop the bleeping, change the default voice and colour, and get myself to my destination yesterday.

And I’m now hooked.  My road atlas is forgotten in the back seat and I’m watching the 3D display with utter fascination as I drive around.


What the heck,

It may look totally out of place in the car, and it lights up my face ghoulishly at night.  But today I wonder why on earth I waited so damn long to get one.

I’m such a technophobe sometimes…