A "Very British Earthquake"

I’m off on my travels for the ebusiness group, on my second part of my tour.  This week I’m in Lincolnshire and Derby talking about blogging for business (I did a couple of sessions in January).  I spent 4 hours getting to Louth, in Lincolnshire, arriving tired, hungry and thirsty in a small family run hotel.  The  restaurant had closed of course (It was 10pm after all) and I checked in feeling frazzled and miserable.

The receptionist offered to make me something to eat.  All I wanted was a BLT and a large glass of wine.  I stomped off to my room, dumped my stuff and went to the bar – which was empty – save for a very decent glass of lovely red wine sitting on the bar on its own.  So I took it, and slumped into a chair feeling sorry for myself.  5 minutes later, a wonderful toasted Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich with a side salad (the size you’d make if you were on your own at home) arrived.  Instant mood lifter.  Small hotels are wonderful when you’re travelling alone aren’t they?  I chatted to the barman / receptionist / cook for an hour whilst eating my sandwich and went to bed…

Only to be woken at 1am and feeling the bed shaking wildly – the sort of feeling that you would get if someone jiggled your water bed whilst you were in it (I’m guessing about the water bed experience by the way!).  I thought that the hotel was haunted and I’d experienced the ghost, and immediately went back to sleep (I told you the wine was lovely!)

So to see the news this morning, and to discover I’d been 15 miles away from the epicentre of the largest earthquake in the UK for over 25 years was quite a surprise.  Of course the British public are very stoic.  “Bit of a wobble eh”, ” Thought a lorry was going past” and lots and lots of “Did the earth move for you” comments.  All understated, nothing dramatic.,  How British  of us to have such a mild earthquake (See Nick’s blog post for an explanation of how mild as he knows a heck of a lot more about it than me)

My event was actually in Market Rasen so I instantly had a blogging topic to talk about to the audience about instant news generation and how Technorati enables you to find other bloggers who are blogging about the same topic as you are.  Like Philip and Aimee for example.

So I left Market Rasen (and was disappointed not to see any quake damage at all – not even a fallen brick) and drove to Derby where the next session is due to take place tomorrow.  I checked in, got a wireless access voucher, sat down and…

The power went out.  not just in the hotel, but across a large part of Derby.  So I’m sitting here, typing this in my freezing cold room before the battery dies on my laptop wondering what else is going to happen around me.

Well they say things happen in 3’s don’t they?…


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  1. A.Cait

    Thanks for the nod 🙂 I’m spending my gap year in Durham & have never experienced any sort of earthquake before. I’m from South Louisiana – all I’m really familiar with is hurricanes. The tremors were interesting, to say the least. Chalking it up to experience. Glad you’re safe. x

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